Mandatory tachograph upgrades on the horizon

In a significant regulatory update, all analog and digital tachographs utilized in international transport must be upgraded by December 31, 2024. Post this deadline, carriers operating across international routes will be required to equip their vehicles with either a 1st generation smart tachograph, mandated since June 16, 2019, or the more advanced 2nd generation smart tachographs introduced on August 21, 2023.

Starting December 1, 2024, transport operators will be obligated to maintain records not just for the current day but also for the preceding 56 days—a substantial increase from the current mandate of 28 days.

This extension in data retention is poised to deliver considerable advantages to fleet managers in the trucking industry. It will enable more effective monitoring and management of drivers' working hours and rest periods, facilitating better compliance with labor regulations and enhancing operational efficiency.

Technological advancements in tachographs further enriching the functionality, 2nd generation smart tachographs are designed with expanded memory capacities to store more data, supported by regular software updates that ensure data consistency across the fleet. This technological enhancement is critical for maintaining high standards of data accuracy and reliability, which are essential for the smooth operation of modern transport fleets.

These upgrades are not just a step towards modernizing equipment but also align with broader goals of increasing road safety and ensuring fair working conditions for drivers. As the transport sector continues to evolve, these changes reflect a proactive approach to adopt more sophisticated, data-driven management tools in the industry.