Catalonia has recently approved the operation of 72-tonne duo-trailers on its roadways.

The regional government has authorized the circulation of these duo-trailers, which can be up to 32 meters long and have a maximum weight of 72 tonnes. The Spanish logistics and transport sector, represented by UNO, the employers' association, has hailed this decision as "fantastic news for the industry." From May 1st, these large vehicle combinations are legally allowed on Catalan roads, as confirmed by the Catalan Traffic Authority (Servicio Catalán de Tráfico), which is also responsible for issuing the requisite transport permits for these vehicles.

The approval is seen by UNO as a significant boost to the competitiveness of transport companies while also contributing to emission reductions. UNO is now anticipating further regulatory adjustments to allow these vehicles to travel without special permits. Although the Spanish Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) had previously permitted duo-trailers nationwide by the end of 2023, the specific regulations were still under review. Catalonia had initially postponed their introduction, but has now agreed to allow their use within the region.